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How to Shift an 18 Speed Transmission?

18 speed shift truck
  • I don’t drive a truck, hell, I don’t even have a car, but this was the most informative and interesting video I have seen in a while.
  • The most American video I’ve ever seen. Absolute madlad
  • Gosh I miss my dad. He taught me to drive a Roadranger, a Mack and a Twin Stick. Always told me I better only touch that clutch if I’m coming to a stop or takin off haha. Kinda like dancing. Thanks for the memories man.
  • “That’s 13th…” in my mind: “man he must be going at least 100mph” him: that’s 30mph…
  • Imagine seeing a red light in the distance and having to downshift 17 gears
  • So here I am, 3 am, learning how to shift an 18 speed transmission. Nothing abnormal here
  • You explained that better than my mum explaining how to drive automatic
  • That dashboard has more dials than a nuclear station
  • This dude looks like America as a person

I don’t understand why so many dislikes. Someone spends his own time explaining something and some people don’t have the capability to appreciate it.

Thanks mate for the information, myself I drive a 10 speed gear box and is always nice to learn with others experience.

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