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Pasture Load Megargel Texas

Saturday May 25 we drove from Abilene to Megargel, Tx where 13 trucks would load some cattle in the pasture.
So, we left at 04h50 in the morning to be there before 07h00.In Megargel we saw Dale Adams who invited us to get into his truck and took us to the pasture.

Special thanks to Joey Veitenheimer who gave us the info about the load and also a special thanks to the rancher who allowed us to take photos and videos of the cattle trucks and the people who were loading the trucks.And thank you to all the truckers who were loading there and gave us permission to make this video.These truckers do a great job, hauling cattle from the pasture to a feed yard.Blessed are those who drive a cattle truck.A big word of respect for all cattle haulers all over USA and the rest of the world.

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