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Trucker Says This Is What Happens When You Mix Elds With A Winter Storm

A trucker’s rant, showing dozens of trucks parked on a snowy highway, has recently gone viral on social media.

The video was posted to Facebook by truck driver Jason Holmes on Thursday, January 4th.

“ELD versus winter weather,” Holmes says as the video opens, showing a long line of semi trucks parked along the snowy shoulder of Interstate 95 in South Carolina.

“Because of the ELD, these truckers were forced to pull over on the side of an ICY road after getting stuck in 11 to 14 hours of traffic… It even took me 14 hours to travel 188 miles,” he continues.

“And this is what they call safe… I don’t consider this safe at all,” Holmes added.

The video has been shared over a thousand times on Facebook in just a few hours, with many drivers in agreement with his stance.

“ELDs – instead of running out of the bad weather, you’re stuck on the side of the road getting buried in the bad weather,” wrote one Facebook user.

“You know the pro-elogers are just gonna say you need better trip planning,” commented another.

Check out the driver’s video (and rant) below.

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