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What Is Semi-Truck Lemon Law?

Semi-truck lemon laws are a regulation that provides a remedy for those who buy cars and other kinds of consumer goods to compensate for problems that occur in the quality and performance standards. Lemon is a general term that refers to vehicles.

This law is available for semi-trucks up to 5 tons that are sold and registered in the United States. The law also applies to consumers who are not American buy buying a new semi-truck within the borders of the country. It will be worth noting that the semi-truck must be purchased to mainly be used in the public highways and registered.

Why Is Semi-Truck Lemon Law Important?

Due to the price of semi-trucks, buying a new commercial vehicle is always a challenging and risky investment. It may not be easy to notice any defects with your bare eyes. In addition to this, certain problems can only be noticed once the vehicle hits the road.

You can consider the semi-truck lemon law as the warranty of your vehicle. If your semi-truck has problems and had to undergo many repairs that comply with the manufacturer’s warranty, you can return your vehicle for its full price or buy a new vehicle by giving the current one back.

It is one of the great laws that guarantee the investment of buyers in the United States. However, the content and scope of semi-truck lemon laws may vary depending on the state you have purchased your vehicle. While some states cover semi-trucks that are purchased for commercial purposes, some don’t. Some of these states also have additional regulations such as not owning more than 5 commercial semi-trucks and so on.

The best part of this law is you will not have to deal with irresponsible sellers or manufacturers. All your rights will be protected by the government and in case parties will have a dispute, you will also claim compensation by filing a suit.


If you are planning to buy a semi-truck soon, then we recommend making a detailed investigation about the scope and content of the semi-truck lemon law available in your state. It is very important to follow the procedures and guidance in these laws to protect yourself against defects or malfunctioning.

For us, it is one of the best laws that came into the force to protect the consumers and their rights. Keep in mind that your semi-truck should weigh less than 5 tons to be covered in this law.

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