Truck Detention Time Law 2021

However, it will be worth noting that this condition should be included in the agreement that was signed between the parties.

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Truck Detention Time Law 2021

Most truck drivers complain about being detained by the shipper or receiver without prior notice. The worst part of this detaining is sometimes it takes days! Truck detention law was regulated to protect truck drivers' rights and prevent schedule delays. It includes a fine as compensation for the time lost by the driver.

However, it will be worth noting that this condition should be included in the agreement signed between the parties. Unfortunately, you will not be able to benefit from this regulation case it was not stated in any part of the agreement.

What Does Truck Detention Mean?

Truck detention time law 2021 refers to the time drivers wait to load or unload the goods or products they carry. It should be noted that the legal time allocated for loading or unloading is determined as two hours. A driver should legally wait at least two hours to complete the loading or unloading operation.

In case of any violation of this pre-determined period, the truck driver can use the rights secured by the truck detention law.

How Much Is Truck Detention Payment?

The truck detention law determines no fixed fee. However, the prices that must be paid to the truck driver vary between $25 and $100. This fee is charged per hour that passes the pre-determined period, which is 2 hours.

How to Avoid Truck Detention Time Violation?

You can follow some tips and tricks to avoid truck detention law violations. Some of these can help you to minimize the loss, while others can help you to prevent it. Here are some suggestions that you may want to implement.

Staggered appointment times can be an ideal option to implement in your operations. In this way, you will have better time-management skills in your operations. In addition, you can ensure that your products are ready for transportation before scheduling any procedure.

It is always a good idea to prepare all your products two hours before the actual operation time. If you often violate this law, then there is something wrong with your operations. You may want to consider rescheduling the shifts of your workers or hiring new employees.

Without a doubt, rescheduling your employees' shifts is one of the most logical decisions for smooth loading or unloading operations. If your warehouse is located in a dock, you can also benefit from drop and hook programs. Such programs allow truck drivers to drop their loads in pre-determined areas so that you can pick them up later on.


The best way to avoid truck detention law violations is to ensure smooth and well-planned loading or unloading operations. In this respect, time management is one of the most crucial skills you need to have. You can organize the shifts according to your loading or unloading operations.

Hiring new employees or creating a new position for the time management of your operations can quickly solve this problem for you.