Best Truck Shocks You Can Buy in 2021

Without a doubt, truck shocks are one of the most important elements that will directly affect your overall comfort while driving your truck.

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Best Truck Shocks You Can Buy in 2021

You may be looking for the best truck shocks on the market and are confused. It is pretty standard due to the great alternatives available on the market. This is why we wanted to compile some valuable information that will guide you in finding the best option for yourself.

Truck shocks are essential elements that directly affect your comfort while driving your truck. Besides a comfortable experience, they can offer a smooth ride even on poor roads. So, let’s stop wasting more time and dive into our topic.

Types of Truck Shocks

In general, the best truck shocks are divided into two groups, which are monotube and twin-tube surprises. Both types can be practical and handy; the best one may vary depending on your preferences. Here is brief information on both types.


Top 3 Best Truck Shocks

1. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber




2. Monroe 58640 Shock Absorber




3. KYB MonoMax 565102 Shock Absorber Series Shock Absorber




Monotube Shocks

These shocks are installed upside down and are suitable for most vehicle types. It consists of a single pressurized tube that includes different amounts of pistons in them. With these pistons, the shock is distributed evenly and offers a smooth operation.

The biggest downside of these shock absorbers is that they cannot be customized and are a bit more expensive than twin-tube shocks.

Twin-Tube Shocks

Twin-tube shocks have wide varieties, such as acceleration-sensitive damping, position-sensitive damping, or gas-charged twin-tube shocks. Generally, one of these tubes is responsible for shock absorbent, and the other serves as a lubricator to ensure that the central tube works smoothly.

Types of Twin-Tube Shocks

In general twin-tube shocks are considered the best truck shocks available on the market. However, you may quickly regret your decision if you prefer the wrong product type. This is why here is brief information about these types.

Acceleration-Sensitive Damping – This type is famous for its extreme balance, comfort, and control. It focuses on impact and can offer you a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Position-Sensitive Damping – This type is famous for its extreme comfort and handling properties. They offer the best functioning and the most preferred variety among twin tubes.

Gas-Charged – This type is famous for its solid response time. However, it is not widely preferred these days with the invention of other kinds. It will be worth noting that this type limits the performance of your truck too.


We have shared brief but detailed information about some types you can find on the market. It should not be forgotten that no one solution fits all. This is why there are certain factors that you need to consider while determining the best truck shocks for yourself.

Besides the appropriate type for your usage purpose, you need to prefer the products of reputable brands. Quality materials can affect the lifespan of your shocks. You also focus on choosing models that offer smooth operation and easy-to-install. You can quickly determine the best truck shocks for yourself by considering the details we provided in the previous sections.