Introducing Lego's New Semi-Trucks

What's more, a LEGO RC semi-truck kit can be a real-time saver for the family, and it's a great way to show off your techie skills. The RC semi-truck may be the

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Introducing Lego's New Semi-Trucks

Whether you are an avid LEGO collector or just starting, you will enjoy the new line of semi-trucks. There are a variety of models to choose from, including Freightliner, Mack Anthem, Peterbilt, Mack Technic, and more. Regardless of which model you choose, you'll be able to enjoy hours of fun with your friends and family.

Mack Anthem Class 8 On-Highway Truck

We are introducing Mack's latest Class 8 on-highway, the Mack Anthem. This next-generation semi truck delivers a new driving environment, enhanced aerodynamics, and an efficient powertrain. With an array of engine and transmission options, the Mack Anthem offers a unique combination of efficiency and flexibility.

Mack's new 12-speed mDRIVE AMT is standard on all Anthem models. It features Mack's patented wave piston design and is fully integrated with the Mack MP8 engine. It eliminates the need for traditional shifting, which reduces driver fatigue.

The 13-liter Mack MP8HE+ efficiency package feature multiple aerodynamic upgrades. It also features Mack's Energy Recovery Technology, which converts waste energy from engine exhaust into mechanical energy. This increases torque.

Mack's ruggedized mDRIVE HD AMT is available on all Anthem models. It is designed to provide increased start-up reliability, low-speed maneuverability, and lower rear axle ratios. It also features more robust internal components.

The Freightliner LEGO MOC

ACT Research in Columbus, Indiana, showed off some impressive and impressively built LEGO creations in a single session. This includes an impressively crafted Freightliner-inspired semi-truck, a micro-chassis-based minifig scale model of the iconic yellow and black Class 8-cab-over truck, and a handful of other goodies. Anton Kablash, a seasoned LEGO builder with a knack for minor details, built the vehicle above.

The LEGO MOC Freightliner (not an actual vehicle) is a nod to the Freightliner brand, but it also has some severe oomph in the form of a 6-cylinder engine, a PF control system, a full-size bed, and a plethora of storage spaces and gadgets. The MOC is about 58 cm (22 inches) long and 23.5 cm (9.25 inches) wide, but it's also about the size of a giant LEGO brick.

LEGO Optimus Prime is a Mighty Fine Semi-Truck

Optimus Prime is the franchise's main protagonist, and this LEGO creation will surely please fans of the big green. The semi-truck features a nifty technical undercarriage, and the truck is a sight to behold and makes a mighty fine impression on the road. The car also has a pair of rearview mirrors and a set of air horns, which is a nice touch for this model.

The model is also noteworthy for its number of motors, and it's clear that the creator spent some time on the details. For instance, the model also has a working MAC end-dump trailer, which is a bit of a rarity in these LEGO vehicles. The model above is also the most complex LEGO creation to date, as it features more than 5000 parts, including 11 motors, and is a tad on the long side, measuring over a meter in length.

The LEGO Mack Truck Is The Ultimate Semi Truck Set

Among the many LEGO Technic sets on the market today, the Mack Technic semi truck set stands out. It's one of the newest LEGO releases and is a highly detailed, articulated model. It also features rear-wheel drive, front-axle steering, and original bodywork. The model is almost 2600 pieces long, making it one of the largest Technic sets ever.

The model also features a detachable trailer with a cargo container that can be lifted on and off using a hydraulic LEGO Technic system. The trailer also features synchronized crane arms and extendable outriggers.

The truck features realistic technical details, including a six-cylinder straight engine with a spinning radiator fan. The driver's cab is also accessible, with adjustable seats, sun visors, and a steering wheel.

How To Build A Lego RC Semi-Truck Kit

Whether you're into the latest LEGO Technic set or a stalwart old-schooler, an RC semi-truck is a lot of fun to build and play with. Luckily, there's no shortage of instructional manuals on hand, making it easy to create the best-looking RC truck ever seen on the block.

What's more, a LEGO RC semi-truck kit can be a real-time saver for the family, and it's a great way to show off your techie skills. The RC semi-truck may be the perfect gift for the Lego fan in your life. Thankfully, the Lego RC semi-truck is a cheap and easy kit to build, and your kids will have hours of fun playing with it.